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We operate the latest Check Weigh machines, which make use of state-of-the art software to deliver accurate airline weight charge rates, with automatic updates as airline baggage rates fluctuate.

Our weigh scales highlight the airline's exact potential charges for each item of checked luggage, and also provides a clear insight into other options for sending baggage on an airport-to-door and a door-to-door basis, via our range of baggage courier and cargo services.

  • Check your bag's weight
  • Check the airline's charges if you are overweight
  • Check comparable courier and cargo rates offered from our facilities

We also provide a range of complimentary services including Luggage Shipping and Courier, as well as Travel Goods Retail and Baggage Storage.

For airports and rail stations:

  • Systems connected via broadband for easy monitoring and maintenance
  • Simple weigh with programmed re-weigh as required
  • Fully compliant with European standards
  • Multi-lingual operation
  • As a point-of-sale ability retail and cross sell a variety of services, such as Duty Free, Fiowers,
    Onward Travel, Taxis and Hotels
  • Remotely updateable via broadband links